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Hello, I'm Gail Krolick, Candidate for IVGID Trustee.  I am passionate about our community and I know you are too! I invite residents old and new, friends and neighbors to join with me in tackling the many challenges facing Incline Village/Crystal Bay along with enjoying the multitude of opportunities and adventures yet ahead. Incline Village/Crystal Bay are a great example of what I believe it truly does take to make a thriving and vibrant Community. Most of us who have raised our families here know the importance of place and the incredible blessing of  being able to call Incline Village/Crystal Bay home. While we have our differences, it is critical that we celebrate our commonalities so we can continue to act as good stewards of Lake Tahoe. Let's keep working together to protect the fabric that binds us together. 

I welcome your ideas, concerns and suggestions. Please feel free to reach out to me with your interests so together we can find workable solutions. Let's talk!

Personal Info
I am a 32 year, full time, year-round resident of Incline Village. I am extremely thankful to Incline Village and Crystal Bay for helping my husband John and I enjoy successful careers as co-owners of Alpine Realty International for many years handling real estate and commercial sales, long-term property management and international sales.

I enjoy hiking and walking about in Tahoe, skiing and time with friends and family and of course, I LOVE our private beaches. I've been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Alexis and Tiffany, and my husband John and I are so thankful they were able to grow up here in Incline Village. They both attended The Lake Tahoe School in their pre-K years, then Incline Elementary, Middle and High School. Alexis is a 2022 graduate of UNR and Tiffany has begun her sophomore year. I share this information as I believe it is important to learn of my background and longevity within Incline Village and Crystal Bay, my involvement in, and volunteering for, the Incline Schools and my business background. My husband and I have been together for 39 years and are very fortunate to call this place home!

Experienced & Commitment

I have appreciated the opportunities to volunteer for the many civic, religious and educational organizations in Incline Village/Crystal Bay. The time in the classrooms with my daughters was priceless and the trust the Community placed in me as an IVGID Trustee from 1999-2002 was a tremendous honor I hope to have again.  

As my children have grown and I'm an "empty nester" I feel it is important to re-engage in the political sphere and run for the Board of Trustees. I feel I possess the necessary skill-sets to maneuver the challenges ahead but also recognize the tremendous opportunities as they arise. My business background, facility to brainstorm and strategize and the acknowledgment that a spirit of team-work and compromise are critical to achieving successful outcomes for our greater Community will help steward our finite resources toward workable outcomes for our collective future. And I have the time to commit to doing this job to the best of my abilities! Right now, our Community is at a crossroads. We need steady leadership, level-headed thinking and a willingness to make the tough decisions that represent the 8,000+ parcels not just the handful of the most outspoken residents who seem to be perpetually aggrieved with everything and everybody. It is absolutely essential to maintain a steady course forward and not lapse backwards!

Political Activities
IVGID Board of Trustees
     Secretary 1999-2000
     Treasurer 2001
     Chairwoman 2002

 President Incline Village Republican Women

Realty Activities
     Incline Village Realtors Good Neighbor Committee 
     Incline Village Realtors Public Policy Committee 
     Nevada Realtor State Elected Director 2021
     Incline Village Realtors Public Policy Chair
     2021, 2020
     Incline Village Realtor of the Year 2018
     Incline Village Realtor President 2017
     Incline Village Realtor President Elect 2016
Community Activities
Red, White and Tahoe Blue, Board of Directors
Classical Tahoe (formerly Lake Tahoe Music Festival)
Board of Directors 2011-2013

These are just some of the highlights of my involvement over the past 32 years.

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Early voting begins on Saturday, October 22 and runs through Friday, November 4, 2022 ELECTION DAY November 8, 2022

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My Platform

'Straight Talk' From Gail Krolick:  
Our community is at a crossroads and we need to ask ourselves some very tough questions: There is a small but extremely vocal group of folks that want to do nothing! Do we, as a Community adhere to their draconian wants and sacrifice the tremendous strides the District has made over these past several years?; Do we maintain the status quo and do the bare minimum to keep our heads above water and continue to patch together our aging infrastructure and piece-meal capital improvements? Or, do we take bold action, properly leverage our Community assets and upgrade our existing facilities, continue to address our Public Works priorities, build appropriately scaled new facilities at our Beaches, Ski area and Golf courses and see through the Community Services Master Plan while we continue to improve our Internal Financial controls, Information Technology, Human Resources and Administrative issues?  I am far more prone to the last of these as I feel it will further build on a rock solid foundation and carry us through this transition in a level, fiscally responsible manner consistent with the wishes of the majority of the residents of Incline 
Village and Crystal Bay. Having watched the many physical and demographic changes throughout our Community these last several years but equally important the needed and necessary changes to the District's Senior staff, I truly believe we have a leadership team currently in place that, with focused direction from the Board, will be able to navigate a robust but achievable Strategic Plan. IVGID will need to invest some intense funding on Capital Improvement Projects for the next several years. Many of these projects were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 fire season, the emergency closure of the Burnt Cedar Pool and, unfortunately some interesting Board dynamics.

I have the EXPERIENCE, PROVEN LEADERSHIP, COMMON SENSE, DEDICATION, and OPEN MINDEDNESS to work with our community in helping to guide the District into the future. I have a deep understanding of budgets and how IVGID works with the adjunct historical perspective unique to my candidacy. Should the District bond, increase fees or a combination of both? I can “jump” right in as an IVGID Trustee, having done so before, and I know the District and Community better than most. I strongly believe NOW is the time to move forward!

Advance our dog park 
Move forward with the Ski Area Master Plan 
Move forward with the Beaches Master Plan  
Move forward with the Community Master Plan 
Attract and retain top-quality IVGID employees
Conduct a Facility Assessment

We've been studying and planning for years - It's time for effective action!!

Advance our dog park

I love our fur family members and want a dedicated dog park. I served on the 
Board 20 years ago when the Village Green became a "temporary dog park." 

A dog park committee, chaired by longtime local community member, Ms. Janet Pahl met for the first time in August 2022 to discuss options for a dedicated dog park. Let's get a DEDICATED DOG PARK!

Ski Area Master Plan

Safety should be our  #1 priority!

 We need to get serious about what direction we are taking Diamond Peak and need to be asking questions such as:
Does the District begin with the reconstruction of Ski Way, a new high-speed quad, or a new Snowflake Lodge?

Beaches Master Plan

Incline Beach, Ski Beach, and Burnt Cedar Beach all require new access/egress plans, additional hardscaping and landscaping and a new beach building at Incline Beach. 

More Info HERE

Strategic Master Plan 

What do our property owners and residents  want the community to look like in 10 - 15 years? There are many options to start the conversation and I am here to listen ALL opinions and suggestions.

Exemplary  IVGID Employees

While many will say IVGID should not and cannot get involved with spending dollars on workforce housing, we as a community should talk about a true strategy to assist in affordable accommodations for the workforce in Incline Village and Crystal Bay.  Resort communities such as Vail, Aspen and Telluride Colorado and closer to home, Homewood Palisades, and Northstar; these and numerous others throughout the US are challenged to come up with solutions as they understand their employees are a critical investment necessary for the operations of their respective resort, as they understand their employees are a critical investment .

Conduct  a Facility Assessment

Did you know this has never been done?

Many residents are questioning if our communities’ facilities are at the end of their useful life or obsolete.
This assessment will show us concerns with the architecture and structural systems, if we are up to proper building codes, and if any useful life left in the building.  

More info here:

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